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Drowning Accidents

A significant number of drowning accidents and swimming pool personal injuries occur yearly.  Most occur because of the negligence of the property owners or the people entrusted with the safety and care of the victims.  Pool owners have a duty of care to those that they invite to swim on their property.  If the pool owner fails to provide a safe environment or fails to remove known hazards, they could be liable if an injury occurs.

Most people fail to understand that drowning accidents can occur in any size of a body of water.  Although most drowning accidents happen on boats in lakes and public or private swimming pools, children often drown in bathtubs with minimal water levels. Several contributing factors are usually applicable in drowning accidents, but inexperienced watercraft operators, carelessness,  lack of supervision, exhaustion, diving, and inexperienced swimmers are typical causes of drowning accidents.

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Drowning accidents occur fast, with some only taking minutes. Operators of hotels, schools, commercial pools, and others businesses with pools are typically required to implement security  measures to provide security for people who are not authorized to use the pools.  Supervision at businesses like hotels is usually a problem.  Although security measures may be in place, a hotel or business may be liable for a drowning accident.

If you or a loved one have been injured because of the negligence of a pool owner, you likely have a claim and case for personal injury or wrongful death. The Oklahoma personal injury attorney, Clayton Bruner, is an expert in wrongful death cases involving drowning.  Call the law Firm of Clayton Bruner today at (580) 774-5363 so our attorneys can assist you and your family with your potential personal injury claim. We provide free consultations for victims of accidents and wrongful deaths who wish to take legal action to ensure those liable are held accountable for their wrongful actions.


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