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Our firm advocates for individuals who have been victims of injuries in a nursing home and long-term care facilities, whether due to negligence or intentional abuse.

Here are a few of the common nursing home injuries:

    • Falls
    • Medication Errors
    • Death
    • Dehydration
    • Diabetic Care
    • Bone Fractures and Breaks

As a larger percentage of our population grows older each year, we increasingly depend on elder care. Unfortunately, there are over one million reports of elder abuse in nursing homes each year.

Our nursing home injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Clay Bruner represent families and individuals harmed by elder abuse throughout Oklahoma. We can travel to you at no extra cost.


What is the Settlement Process?

Out of the thousands of nursing home abuse lawsuits that are filed each year in American courts, the vast majority of cases settle out of court and before a trial process is complete.

Some of the benefits coming from reaching an out-of-court nursing home abuse settlement include:

  • Speeding up the Process
  • Saving Considerable Legal Expense
  • Reduction of stress a trial would cause
  • Quick Payment of Medical Bills
  • Decision on economic damages

The range of settlements really depends on the individual case facts, how well the case is prepared and how competent of representation both the plaintiff and defendants have.  We have experience and are experts in this type of case.

Ultimately, your own potential settlement amount will depend largely on your unique complaint as well as the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of your counsel.

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