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Nursing Home Abuse

Unfortunately, those that we pay and entrust the care of our senior citizens are the ones that abuse them.  This happens every day in Oklahoma. Assisted‑care facilities and nursing homes are notorious for abuse because they make decisions like cutting staff to increase profits which ultimately leads to treatment that is far less than the standard of care required by Oklahoma law. Typically, nursing home abuse and neglect cases occur by underpaid staff that has no formal medical training.

Nursing home abuse claims and cases usually involve neglect such as poor hygiene, falls, lack of proper wound care, and starvation.  However, other types of nursing home cases involve financial abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and rapid weight loss.  Sometimes, staff steals the personal belongings and possessions of the patient. Senior citizens are easy targets for these disgusting predators.

If you suspect a loved one has been abused or neglected by a nursing home and its staff, you need to consult an attorney at the law Firm of Clayton Bruner immediately at (800) 331-0474. Clayton Bruner and his legal team are committed to protecting the rights of our elders.  Clayton Bruner has made millions of dollars for his clients over the years.  Clayton Bruner and his legal team have years of experience in nursing home abuse claims and cases.  Put their experience to work for you today!

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