DUI-DWI1DUI and DWI Attorney

Driving under the influence, and driving while intoxicated are synonymous with each other. Getting a DUI and DWI mean the same thing, it just depends on where you live and the terminology that is used. But regardless of where you live, if you are caught drinking and driving or under the influence of any other impairing drugs, you will face severe consequences. A DUI or DWI is not taken very lightly and is punishable by fines and jail time in many states. Depending on the severity of the charges, a DUI and DWI charge can be life-changing. A DUI and DWI Attorney can help you navigate your way through the process and may even help to lessen your penalties.


Aggravated DUI

In most states, getting a regular DUI and DWI, carries with it stiff penalties, even for the first offender. But when you add certain factors to it, the penalties become even more severe. There are certain factors that can come up in a DUI and DWI case that actually can increase the range of potential fines and sentences by raising the actual charge from a regular DUI and DWI to a whole other level, aggravated DUI and DWI. These may vary from state to state, but in any case, the penalties are more severe. These factors would include the following:

Extremely High Blood Alcohol Content in Your Blood Stream
Having Minors In The Vehicle With You
Having multiple DUI and DWI convictions
Driving Under A Suspended or Revoked License
And, Driving In Excessive Speeds
Commercial DUI Regulations

If you are a bus driver, truck driver, or the driver of any other type of vehicle and hold a professional commercial driver’s license, you are held to a much higher standard than the non-commercial drivers in regards to a DUI and DWI. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has established regulations regarding drugs and alcohol that must be followed, or you will pay stiff penalties. If you are intoxicated or on drugs while driving a commercial vehicle, you pose a serious threat not only to the general public, but your employer as well. A DUI and DWI attorney will be able to help you with the regulations.

Drunk Biking

Drunk driving, drunk boating, public intoxication, and even drunk biking. If you are intoxicated and operating any kind of vehicle, you are endangering the lives of yourself and others and is a criminal offense. You can get a DUI and DWI in any of these cases, and all of them are punishable by law. But, the worst of these is a Felony DUI.

Felony DUI

There are two types of DUI and DWI, felony and misdemeanor, but with very distinct differences. A felony DUI carries stiffer consequences that a misdemeanor DUI. This type of DUI focuses more on repeat offenders or any intoxicated driver causing bodily harm to any one or more individuals. In other words, if an intoxicated driver is involved in an accident resulting in the injury or even death to someone else, the intoxicated driver can and will be charged with a felony DUI charge.